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Network Spinal Analysis - What to expect

An NSA adjustment is a very informal and enjoyable experience. It is non-intrusive and you are fully-clothed the whole time. You will be asked to remove your shoes, so please bring clean unused socks for your session.

At your first visit, you will be invited to fill out a comprehensive  questionnaire, along with your desired outcomes from Network Spinal Analysis. Then an examination of your spine, muscles, posture etc will be carried out.

The NSA adjustment itself, or entrainment, usually lasts for around 15-20 minutes, with you lying face down on a Chiropractic table. You are free as the session progresses, to move around and make yourself comfortable, if needed.

You will experience a series of specific touches of finger and hand, and gentle body movements as the chiropractor works down your spine in a consistent sequence. The emphasis here is on gentle… even though Network Spinal Analysis is carried out uniquely by chiropractors, there is no bone "cracking" involved. (Please note, no style of chiropractic cracks bones. This word has been used as it is recognised by many as a word to explain the noise that may accompany a Chiropractic adjustment) 

Most people experience a profound sense of peace and calm during an NSA session. With Network Spinal Analysis, you do not have to do anything consciously; simply lie comfortably on the table and allow the automatic reorganisational process to happen naturally.

An NSA adjustment allows us to become more integrated within ourselves and afterwards, you will be encouraged to notice how you and your body feel and what you experienced. Needless to say, everything exchanged is completely confidential.

More often than not, an NSA session causes feelings of overall well-being, more flexibility in your body, and a sense of "aliveness". It is not unusual for people to leave with a big smile on their faces…or even laughing.