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Natural Evolution

Network Spinal Analysis is simply different...

Most practices focus on getting you back to where you were before the "problem" occurred. They will push, pull, manually move, inject or in some way manipulate the body system. Of course, this has its place and plays an important role in many situations, but it does not allow the system to learn or adapt from it.

Network Spinal Analysis is different primarily because it gives you the opportunity to learn and evolve from any situation. You are then able to create your own changes through self-recognition and re-organisation. In short, you will be more alive and more adaptable than ever before.

When we are faced with stressful events, these get bound up in the body, causing certain areas to feel hard, stiff, numb and painful. NSA does not try to get rid of these areas; rather, it allows the area to become seen and safe. Hence, it can then be properly integrated back into the body. This gives you back all that bound up energy, along with increased wisdom from the event.

Network Spinal Analysis allows the whole family to benefit together

Quite often life events or physical challenges to one person can affect the whole family unit. Partners, parents and children, of course, have great influence over each other and these important connections can be harmonised when we receive NSA adjustments with our loved ones.

Network Spinal Analysis promotes less reliance on outside sources

Whilst the changes brought about by NSA can sometimes be subtle and slow to take form, they are created by you. This means that these changes will be sustained as they become your new, normal way of being.

Becoming more autonomous can herald the end of repetitive negative issues and habits, of being stuck in patterns of talking about past events, or of being resigned to a less than fulfilling status quo in your life.

To quote NSA creator, Dr Donny Epstein himself...

“What we are looking at here is an experience of life beyond the usual form. A more subtle engagement with the parts of the brain that allow a person to express their higher level of humanity and function occurs so that a greater capacity to express more connections of compassion and love arises. I call these ‘higher end social changes’, because there are spiritual connotations involved. The individual is different in the way they relate to others and their environment. They can be instrumental in helping create a more compassionately productive community.”

Dr Donald Epstien

Dr Donald Epstien