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NSA... now for the science…

To gain a good understanding of how Network Spinal Analysis works, we must first take a look at our amazing spine.

The spine consists of bones, one on top of the other, with discs in between. The bones (or vertebrae) look rather like donuts, with holes in the middle of them, through which the spinal cord runs from the base of the brain to the tail-bone.

The spinal cord and the brain together comprise the central nervous system. The nervous system is supported, nourished and protected by an intricate system of fluid-filled tissues, which sit within the spinal canal. The connective tissue which attaches the nervous system to the top and bottom of the spine is subject to tension, stress and distortion.

It is through the nervous system that we perceive our world, and also co-ordinate the function of every cell, organ and tissue in our bodies. There is no part of the body, nor any emotion that is not expressed through our nervous system. In fact, this is what we use to create our conscious reality…to decide whether a particular event is safe for us, to gauge the stress-level of a situation, and to allow us to reason and adapt.

When the nervous system is put under pressure, this is translated into tension and vibration which is stored in the body. Over time, muscular tightness, reduced movement and breathing, along with spinal distortion can occur, and at this point, the spine needs outside help in order to rectify itself.

During a Network Spinal Analysis treatment, two "healing waves" form. The Respiratory wave releases tension in the spine and body, causing a sense of relaxation. The Somatopsychic (or mind-body) wave is associated with movement of the spine. Progressing throughout the levels of Network Spinal Analysis care, the signals carried along the spine by these waves increase the system's self-correcting abilities.

In short, Network Spinal Analysis assists the brain in developing new strategies, in making healthier choices, and experiencing the world more fully.