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Brian Austin

Brian Austin

I attended the clinic on the advice of a good friend who was also attending and getting benefit from the treatment.

Having suffered from a constant headache for in excess of 20 years and being on strong medication for migraine, after the first treatment my headache has completely disappeared and my GP has discontinued the medication.
— Brian Austin BA (Hons); MA Criminology.

Sue Lally

Sue Lally

I feel very fortunate that I happened to come across NSA Chiropractic for it has been the transformation of my life.

I thought at 54 years of age that I just had to put up with the growing aches and pains that older age brings you.

How wrong could I be? After the 4th treatment I amazingly felt a transformation! Aches and pains had got much less but more importantly my whole wellbeing has been transformed.

I feel calmer, more able to cope with life. I feel younger, fitter and more youthful. 60? Bring it on!

I have been able to make changes in my life that I never had the strength before to do.

I continue to feel many benefits from NSA and will continue to take care forever.
— Sue Lally

I am thirty years old and a police response driver in a busy area in London. I have always suffered from stress related tension in my back and shoulders which resulted in constantly having “knots” in my back.
In mid 2008 I was feeling particularly low in my life and had lost my “spark”. I came to the clinic after a friend’s recommendation.

I now rarely get the pain in my muscles and if I’ve had a particularly bad week at work an NSA adjustment puts everything into perspective and helps me de-stress.
Consequently my outlook on my life has changed dramatically and generally I feel more positive and confident.
— Nicky

Sue Mann   

Sue Mann


Getting an Entrainment (NSA), everything feels so clear.
There is no interference in my body. I feel connected, powerful and able to experience life without fear.
And a feeling that no one else or life or even my thoughts can influence my connection to myself.
After an adjustment I feel I am sitting on a cloud and everything is refreshed.
— Sue Mann

Larah  Ibiza Retreats


Ibiza Retreats

As a new mother of just 5 weeks whilst being in love with my baby, lifting him all the time and the weight on my chest was giving me increasing problems with my shoulders. One night I could not sleep, my back and neck and shoulders going in to spasm, I could not even lift him to feed him.
After a night of very little sleep, my baby also being extremely unsettled, I felt hot and cold flushes and aching in my bones, completely out of it and exhausted and could not move from the sofa.... drifting in and out all day with my baby on my chest. He was also completely out of it until...
My partner drove us to the clinic and within minutes of having the adjustment my neck was releasing, my mind calm, my body opening up and I felt lighter, bright, more positive again....
My baby also received an adjustment and his whole body relaxed (he had been in a tight foetal position) and opened up...
For both of us we felt a connection again, fears and anxieties dropped away and I felt that I could DO IT as a mother... rather than the overwhelming anxieties that had been flooding my brain... and body too...
I became aware, throughout the next adjustments of emotional stuff lifting and releasing - especially anger and frustration in relationships - which has helped me to shed light on old patterns that were causing me to sabotage otherwise GREAT relationships - I could see these as opportunities for learning for growth and to LAUGH about my crazy mind-twisting frustrations and this also helps me... ongoing... to be in a greater place of calm and balance... within my own body - with my baby and even when he cries - I feel I can smile x with love and gratitude, inside..... knowing that it is not UP to me do manage everything.... releasing this weight of my shoulders - a massive release.... x x
Balanced mother = balanced baby = relaxed baby = relaxed mother
And this benefits ALL my relationships x x LOTS OF LOVE x x
— Larah Davis

Valerie Smith

Valerie Smith

I live and work here in Ibiza and I have had regular NSA sessions for over a year.
NSA’s gift to me - I have fallen in love with myself - rediscovering my joy. Not from an egoic place. From the place I love best - the magical child living in my heart, each moment a mystery and a wonder!
— Valerie Smith, Casa Corathon

I first sought NSA when my husband said that I was constantly moaning about my lower back pain. After just four weeks I started to feel well and not only well but a feeling of calmness.
I started to look and feel so refreshed and pain free that my husband and both children started care as well.
Four years later and three transformational Gates and various clear days I am totally stress free and have inner peace. I now have very few migraines and they only last a couple of hours instead of 3-4 days. And I have no back problems or any other problems.
Getting older does not hold the fear of pain (the thought of walking sticks etc…) I am pain free and now realise I deserve more!
Network Spinal Analysis gives me total control of my mind and body.

Getting entrained makes me feel like I have been to the moon. When I return I am refreshed, happy, chilled out and looking forward to life’s challenges.
And guess what…people think I am getting younger!
Thanks for giving me back a life worth living.
No pain, happiness and total wellbeing.
— Ludmilla

A friend of mine introduced me to network care. I was at first very skeptical about going to see her as I did not know what the NSA treatment would entail and whether it would help or hinder me. After six sessions I was amazed at how much better I felt, both physically and mentally.
I am so glad that I was referred to Network Spinal Analysis as my mobility has improved greatly. The main things that I want to achieve are being able to walk comfortably and play with my grandchildren; I am well on the way to achieving this. My only regret is that I didn’t start treatment sooner. I would highly recommend it to friends and family.
— Gretta Boswell

I had an accident that tore my left leg and hip in 2006. Those injuries healed up fine but I developed, during the aftermath, chronic osteo arthritis in hips, the sacro iliac joints and the lower spine.
After multiple referrals to various departments in the NHS, the end result was “keep taking the tablets”. Trouble each handful of tablets took two hours to work and only helped with the pain for another two hours.
I became almost unable to walk, tie my shoe laces or climb the stairs.
Then it was suggested to me that I try network care. That was 6 weeks ago. I now have improved walking. I can climb stairs again and I can tie my own shoe laces again. All this in just ten sessions!!!
If you are at all skeptical about trying NSA Chiropractic, don’t be, trust me. I was the biggest skeptic of the lot but it is working for me.
— John Edwards

I came to Network Spinal Analysis several months ago after having spent years in return visits to osteopaths for lower back pain. I would endure painful sessions of crunching and twisting and obtain temporary relief, only to return a few months later with the same issues. I really felt as if I was condemned to spend my life with continual niggling pain.

For the first time since I began to suffer with my back I can honestly say that I am “pain free” It has been very gradual - no magic “crunch, off you go” but just a gentle return to normality and I suddenly realise that it doesn’t hurt any more!

Not only am I pain free but I feel a renewed energy to my life - due to the lack of pain? maybe, but I also feel a desire to improve things in my life and in the lives of my family for the better. I have set about clearing my house and wardrobe of things I no longer need. I have begun to question some of the ways I am doing things and have begun to seek alternatives. I don’t claim to even begin to understand how NSA is working on me but it clearly is and I spend the week in anticipation of my next entrainment - I always leave with a wonderful sense of calm and tranquility (the fab music helps!)

The talks I have attended have helped me to understand the process a little bit - although I probably need to come to a few more, as things I think I “get” at the time when I get home I find I am struggling to understand. Maybe understanding is less important than experiencing! I view Network Spinal Analysis as very much part of my life now and I wish I had come to it years ago.

Thank you for helping me towards a very much better life.
— Julia Beaven

I have been coming for NSA care for about 8 months now, with my 5 year old daughter. We both find the NSA entrainments very relaxing and enjoyable.
My back, neck and shoulders used to be a solid wall of stress and now they are much more relaxed.
I feel I am discovering the real me and learning to listen to and trust myself. To me it makes sense that everything for our wellbeing is interconnected and “networked.
— Rana Walker

Some years ago I was convinced that I was becoming an old woman before my time. I suffered from severe sciatica within lumbar regions, a frozen shoulder and persistent migraine attacks.
Within weeks of NSA care my shoulder was defrosted, my bowed shoulders had straightened and my lower back had eased.
Now NSA care is part of my health care and I no longer need to take pills for migraine attacks or the deep pain I used to experience. My weekly visits I consider to be “the time” as, if I have to miss them, I definitely feel the lack.
The relaxed, friendly atmosphere is part of the treatment and it is amazing how well you get to know the “regulars”.
Thank you Network Spinal Analysis, for giving me my energy back.
— Lis Barratt

Since starting NSA care I have had brilliant results. I came for a number of reasons: pubic symphysis disorder, ovarian cysts and painful coccyx.
On my first session my pelvis felt like it closed up and went back to normal and stopped hurting. It felt like a miracle. I never thought this kind of therapy would work but it has helped so much.
I am continuing to have NSA adjustments and things are slowly getting better. Now I do not sit or stand like I used to, I am more upright and straight and my mind set has changed. It’s all progress.
— Lucy Holtby

At the age of 9 I broke my left elbow. I had numerous operations which culminated in a replacement elbow joint. I have always felt that my left arm did not belong to me. I was aware that it did not feel the same as the other arm.
I am now on my 18th session of NSA and for the last 2 weeks something has changed. My left arm feels normal. It has taken 51 years for the arm to return to being part of me.
— Barry Canterford F.T.S.C

I started Network Spinal Analysis several years ago on the recommendation of a friend as I was suffering from almost continuous lower back pain and stress.
I no longer have the back pain and I find that regular NSA treatment reduces tension and makes it easier for me to breathe and to cope with stress.
— Maggie Dines

I was introduced to Network Spinal Analysis by a friend who has been attending the practice for ten years.
Since attending (8 weeks), I noticed my core strength has improved considerably. I use a power wheel to exercise and improve core strength and I used to find it quite difficult to do one full stretch. Now I can do 10 stretches without feeling any pain and what feels like very little effort.
There are other subtle changes which are difficult to describe. I have never experienced this type of Chiropractic before and I would recommend it to anyone especially if you think you are totally ok.
— Michael Dietitian / Nutritionist, London

A friend recommended network care to me. My friend has been coming to the clinic for years. I have arthritis in both my knees. I t has helped the pain enormously.
Also I don’t seem to get as uptight about things.
It took two months for me to notice the difference…Now I never want to miss a week!!
— Christina Pepperell

My initial reason for attending was because of lower back problems. A year on and have very little or no back pain. What little pain I have is minimal and certainly not debilitating.

The biggest change to my life is how I manage stress, particularly at work. I worry a lot less and nothing phases me. I find myself always looking for the opportunities in things, rather than thinking it’s a drama.
— Julia Reynolds, CEO

I really relax with my NSA treatments and I am now starting to feel good.
Just being able to move freely again is less tiring mentally and physically. This gives me a much more positive outlook on life.
I have tried classic chiropractic and found it very stressful and painful at times. Network Spinal Analysis is a much gentler way of treating the body and with a more stable outcome.
— Christine Walsh

Having initially signed up for 8 sessions to see if Chiropractic worked on symptoms other than back pain, I have seen how effective it can be for the whole body.
NSA has eased my asthma symptoms and at the same time increased flexibility in my spine and improved my posture.
In times of stress an NSA session works wonders!
— David Heaster, Hertford

I came to NSA care after telling a friend I was in pain with my knees. It turned out to be a very nice thing to do as after suffering pain in my knees for 5 years I now feel no pain.
I had 10 NSA treatments but after just 3 the pain had gone.
I would recommend the treatment to anyone with pain.
At first the treatment seemed a bit weird but after a while I relaxed and I feel like a different person now… Relaxed and with no pain.
— Ian Simpson

Since starting network care my life has changed.
I am now pain free. I have come off all my pain killers and steroid injections I had to use.
I am now looking to change my job to relieve some more stress. I can now make decisions based on what I want rather than just muddling through until the next course of pain relief.
— Jackie O’Rourke

My daughter encouraged me to visit the clinic as I was very “down” with a number of problems including diabetes and also not sleeping.
After my first visit my sleeping improved and amazingly so did my diabetes. Now I use 2 units of insulin less per injection, i.e., that is 8 units less per day.
Currently I feel stronger, brighter and happier and would recommend NSA treatment to anyone.
— Jenny Blumson PgDip Chartered member CIPD, Educational Kinesiology and counseling London

I am a woman of 60 years old. When I first started receiving entrainments I felt like a woman of 75 years old. I had back pain, joint pain and depleted energy.
I now feel like a 50 year old woman with no pain to speak of and my joints are nice and loose, even my arthritis is not as bad now and I take much less pain relief medication.
I highly recommend NSA to put a fizz back in your bottle.
— Linda Edwards

Having had NSA Chiropractic care for some years, due to various circumstances I had to take a break from it for a while.
It was only when returning last summer that I realised how integral NSA is to my wellbeing.
My stress levels have reduced dramatically (amidst a major career change!) and my whole being just flows that much more smoothly through life.
Warmest thanks
— Rita Lampen

I sought the help of NSA chiropractic in November 2008 mainly as I had experienced gastro intestinal reflux since February 2008. This was making me feel extremely unwell, most of the time I just wanted to be sick and had a most unpleasant constant burning in my mouth. Despite seeking help from my doctor and taking several different types of medication the symptoms did not improve.
The thought of having to take medication for the rest of my life made me feel most unhappy and I wanted to try resolving my problems using natural remedies rather than a chemical route. Unfortunately within a day or so of my first appointment I had an accident and broke my ankle which resulted in my ankle being put in a cast.
I am so pleased that I had been for my first appointment before my accident as I continued with entrainments twice a week for the duration of being in my cast. My body healed extremely quickly and after 6 weeks the cast was off. I was told that I should continue to use my crutches and that I may experience pain and discomfort for several months to come. However after a day I had discarded the crutches, 3 days was back driving the car and after 3 weeks and having had no physiotherapy was discharged by the hospital.
With the help of the SRI techniques and learning how to listen to my body, the symptoms of the gastro intestinal reflux for which I originally sought help have all but disappeared and I have not taken medication for almost 2 months.
In this crazy world we live in we forget to listen to ourselves and what our bodies and we need as individuals. This has been a journey for me and anybody about to embark on a similar experience, enjoy it with an open mind, it is truly amazing. Don’t ask me how it works but it does!
— Sam Stuart

My health and wellbeing has improved immensely. I would recommend that everyone should receive these amazing benefits.
— Sandie Sedwick

I have been coming to the clinic regularly for the past 18 months for the treatment of my leg which had been causing me many sleepless nights due to the pain.
I must say that NSA has worked wonders with me over the year and I can definitely recommend the visits. They have greatly reduced the pain that I used to have. It has also taken the tension out of my body.
I come away floating on air. So I say to anyone give NSA a go and you will be very surprised at the results.
— Mr. S Hammond

I was first introduced to Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) in October 2007. I am a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferer and was having a really bad time with excruciating pain in my knees. It was so painful I could hardly walk, let alone bend and climb stairs.
The situation was made worse by the fact I had a two year old and a one year old, so playing on the floor with them was near impossible.
Some friends that I have known for many years suggested that I try NSA. In my naivety I didn’t think for a minute that a chiropractor could help with joint pain and to be honest thought it was going to be a complete waste of time and money!
After eight sessions of care I felt a big difference, and after sixteen sessions of care I have got to say I was pain free!
I find it very difficult to put into words how I feel now, I feel fantastic.

At the moment I am completely pain free. I don’t suffer from tiredness like I used to and I just feel more alive!
As a lot of people will appreciate being a mum of two small children is hard work. There is only eighteen months between my two boys. The sleepless nights had just come to an end with the first when the second came along and it started all over again.
I got bogged down with just getting through the day. I enjoy things a lot more now and more importantly I have rediscovered my sense of humor!
I am back in touch with the old me who loved life and saw the best in everything.
Try it!
— Tracey B

I didn’t know what to expect from Network Spinal Analysis as I have had a bad back (lower) for years. After a few sessions I can honestly say I feel re-balanced, have no pain and feel connected to myself and environment.
Thank you.
— Austin Hardiman

etwork Spinal Analysis was recommended by my mum to adjust an imbalance which causes me to throw my left foot out when I walk.
After 5 sessions my body feels aligned and re-balanced with both my feet lying straight when I’m in a relaxed position.
Thank you very much!
— Robyn Cooper

Network care has taken my recovery and program to a new level. I have never felt it was that easy to transfer things that I had learnt from being knowledge to being integrated and part of myself. NSA has changed this - and me! - beyond recognition. I feel more calm, happy, in control and at the centre of my life than I have ever felt.
Thank you.
— Heather

Felt closed, tight and fearful, but now I feel so much more relaxed, looser and more in tune energetically just from one NSA session.
— Claire Saunders

I had no idea what to expect from my first Network Spinal Analysis session.
When I got up from the bed and walked out of the treatment room, I felt like the weight of the world had been gently lifted from my shoulders. I actually came out unaware of what I had brought with me and where I was to go next. I went to the supermarket and my perception was calmer than normal. Interaction with others was easier. I felt fresh, new and more connected with myself than I have in a long time.
I now feel like I can do things that I would have put off in the past or never got round too doing.
I feel a lot more confident and much more connected to myself.
— Lauren

I am always excited on my way to an appointment as I know that when I leave, I am going to feel amazing.
NSA has helped with all sorts of problems from back pain to anxiety and even tonsillitis! I have felt a huge improvement in my general well-being and feel much more in control of my life now.
— Vicki

A dreadful accident happened and I started to disrespect myself. The decisions I was making worked in the short term only. Now I know they would have destroyed my identity in the long run.
Now I own my emotions, I understand my limits and I believe again in my integrity as a human.
I am ready to enjoy life again.
— David Villalonga

NSA has unblocked my mind. All the petty, stupid stuff that I was holding on to has been literally lifted off my shoulders. I feel freer, clearer and a million times more positive.
An amazing treatment I will recommend to any human being.
— Lou

I must say that since having regular treatment with you I feel my body has developed a greater resilience. I might get a little ache from sitting too much at the computer or something but this doesn’t seem to develop into dreadful back or shoulder ache which it often used to.
— Howard Hill

I’ve just finished my third session with my NSA chiropractor and already I notice the difference in my back. I’ve had a slouching body posture for as long as I can remember and a stiff inflexible back. My hips and lower back are suffering because of the adjustments I (unconsciously) make, not being confident about my back. After 2 sessions I already felt the difference in flexibility during my yoga class. I was doing the same thing as I normally do, but obviously bended backwards a lot deeper than usually. It really surprised and moved me.
Also my neck moves more freely, especially looking over my shoulders. Never even knew I had this problem, but moving freely now has brought it to my attention.
My posture is definitely improving; slouching is sometimes even uncomfortable for me. It’s as if my spine itself is reminding me to stand straight and walk tall (at least 2 centimeters taller!). Last but not least, my legs seem to be equal again. My right has been absolutely taller for the last 2 years. Can’t wait to pursue more improvements in the next couple of months! I don’t know how NSA actually works but I feel relaxed and confident about it.
Just finished my 4th session and I keep being surprised by all the changes I’m going through. My spine is slowly but surely changing to a beautiful S. It sounds strange, but my back seems to be changing me rather than the other way around. I used to forget walking tall and straight just after 5 minutes. Now it’s my spine moving my body in the right form, reminding me to walk tall. Does this sound crazy?
A fantastic side effect is that my torso moves freely from extreme right to extreme left. I play golf and I can’t get enough of this present I got unexpectedly. I never even noticed that I didn’t turn that freely! I’m grateful for all the changes and hope it will stay this way.
Session no 8. My breast is higher, wider and rounder while my spine seems to move deeper in my body. As if folding out on the front part of my upper body, and folding in on the back part.
There are some habits changing. First of all I pick up things in a different way. I’m not bending my back all the time, but instead I prefer to bend my knees, going down with a straight back. I try to do this as deliberately and consciously as possible. And it feels a lot more secure and safer than bending over all the time, coming up with a surprisingly painful lower back. Tata! :-(
Also I start to find it uneasy to sit with one leg over the other. Probably because my pelvis is not contracted and pushed forward like it used to. I notice that the more my ‘tail’ is stretched backward the less comfortable it feels to put one leg over the other.
It’s really an awkward sight because, as it appears now, I’m kind of hooked on sitting legs crossed, so I’m starting to do it ALL THE TIME but my body feels uncomfortable and so I disentangle them again.
— Joan Neyndorff

Following a debilitating operation 5 years ago, I was in constant pain in my back, and lacking in strength in a way that was beginning to adversely affect my life. I was exercising and stretching, but was still in pain.

A friend told me about NSA and about You Unlimited here in Ibiza. I began to visit the clinic with an open mind and hopeful heart. After a month of weekly visits, the pain in my shoulders and neck went away. It was a gradual thing, not sudden. After 3 months, the strength has returned in my arms and back, and I can drive my Defender without feeling exhausted.
I continue to have weekly treatments and am feeling pretty much back to my old self before the operation.
— Melanie Metcalfe

I feel lighter, brighter and back to my cheerful self. I’m stronger, and most important - I have a flat stomach!
Fiona Harrold

Best-selling author of “Be your own life coach
— Fiona Harrold, Best-selling author of "Be Your Own Life Coach"

I have been coming to You Unlimited for around 3 years. When I first started NSA I had a severe lower back problem. I had two disk herniation’s and basically spent 2 weeks per month laid up in bed.

Within a few sessions I could feel a difference and started to have less pain and within a few months by back pain was non-existent.

I still get the occasional twinge or slight pain from overwork or heavy lifting (things I could not even do 3 years ago), but a network care session will sort that out. I can now feel any pain dissipate while I am on the bed and my back and basic wellbeing has never been better.

I come to the clinic on a bi-monthly basis. I don’t have a back problem anymore, because each session seems to correct any slight issues and rebalance my body before any problems can occur. I would recommend NSA to everyone.
— Stephen Pownall

Woke up most mornings thinking of all the things I had to do, stressing about it. Now I feel totally relaxed in the mornings. Not thinking about what I have to do, just doing it!
— Lou

I recently past my driving test in the UK and still felt scared to drive on my own at the time I started having NSA treatment.

After a couple of sessions, I felt the new-found confidence and felt that I could do it…And now I totally feel I’m able to do it and feel free and liberated.

Thank you so much, You Unlimited!
— Shinobu

After ending in the care of the medical professionals in England following a drug-induced psychosis.

I always knew You Unlimited’s work was a lot deeper than the body - and I’ve experienced this for over a year now.
After a few more sessions, I soon realised that I hadn’t lost my mind at all…what I had lost was the connection with myself. And I’m back! Fully connected and always ready for another You Unlimited session!
— anonymous

I came to You Unlimited with a terrible condition of the nervous system, and was really at my wits’ end because this issue had affected every part of my daily life. And, after one session, I felt miraculously better, as if NSA had pulled me through to almost 180 degrees difference.

In the period after our first session, I was able to stay at a much renewed level without slipping back easily. So, you feel that you are consistently progressing in many aspects of life.

Thanks, You Unlimited.
— Kinan Atassi

When I had my first session, I noticed…i felt happyer. I could run, jump and I felt better.
— Milla Chaponnel (aged 7)

When I first came I was in a world of pain with back problems and a new hip problem I felt certain would end with a zimmer-frame. I was also really stressed and frazzled and put it down to menopause or that I was going mad!
Not a great way to feel at 44.
After a month of bi-weekly appointments I was a changed person and by December I was hiking in the Himalaya totally pain free and for the first time in quite a while relaxed & happy. I now visit Abi once a week and am convinced that the Spinal Network Analysis treatment has changed my life. I am calmer, more collected and more able to control the ‘out of control’ stress situations life throws up every now and then. My hip and back and shoulder pains sometimes threaten to return but I am convinced that the regular NSA treatments mean I am able to spot the problem and not let it take over my body again.
I wish everyone a pain-free happy & frisky life!
Thank you for everything.
— Sarah Broadbent

I have had issues with my back and neck for years, NSA fixed it really quickly,
I’m so much happier and my mobility has increased. I love coming here, I come for my health and stay for the company.
Good environment, good music, good work, good times.

Be Safe
Be Sorted
Be Sweet
Be Seeing you
— Adam Hart ( Legend )

I have suffered from a permanently frozen left shoulder, that threw my body out of alignment, causing all sorts of problems, aches and pains. Additionally, being 6 foot, 8 inches, I had a tendency to throw my lower back out once or twice a year. For both, I have tried all kinds of therapies, massage, physio, and the like. Some worked temporarily, some not, but nothing helped in the long term. I happened upon NSA via a personal recommendation to my wife, Anne. A friend of hers with a chronic back problem had had miraculous results with NSA. Always ready to try the latest, I booked an appointment not knowing anything about NSA or what it entailed.

The results have been nothing short of amazing. The shoulder is no longer frozen. I can walk, sleep, swim and box better. I feel like I walk with a new energized step. I still do not profess to understand how NSA works, but it feels to me, that NSA tells the body, how to repair itself. It is a low impact treatment with immediate results.

I am a very happy customer, in fact, my wife Anne is due to begin her (NSA experience too). I can highly recommend NSA.
— Rene Sijmonsbergen

When I first came, I was so different then. I didn’t understand fully what the benefits of coming were, but I came anyway. I’m so glad I did. Four years on, I feel like I’m beginning to understand just how helpful it is. There were some good times and bad times but it’s just a matter of how you deal with them. That’s what I am beginning to see by coming for regular NSA. I’m beginning to deal with them, and organise my life better than ever. There was a time when I stopped coming. That was a big mistake. Even after one or two adjustments I felt back. That was when I gained a greater awareness of my own body. It was also at that time I realised just how much my body had crashed in the time I was away. I have also realised just how much my body is improving every session. Thank you.
— Neo Watts (aged 12)

I first visited You Unlimited some years ago, when it was recommended to me by three different friends within a couple of days of each other (thank you friends!).
At the time, I thought I was ‘fine, except for a niggling ache in my lower back’. I still receive NSA regularly, (now together with my son Neo), because the benefits keep coming!
The adjustments I have received during the last 4 years have certainly helped with physical problems, and I am growing to understand how the emotional and physical aspects of my being are intrinsically linked. The benefits of receiving adjustments have been fundamental and far reaching for me. With NSA, I can get back in the saddle when I fall out - I can feel blocks being removed, allowing shifts and connections – I feel clearer, and better able to make good choices in my life.
There have been a number of ‘Wow!’ experiences, particularly after the Clear Days I have attended. For me though it is the ‘that feels better!’ that I get following an adjustment that keeps me coming back for more.
Thank you for helping me to be a better, healthier, happier me!
— Tanzie Oliver

I feel like there is a new relationship in my spine. Having spent many hours of yoga practice isolating various parts of my spine, it has all come together. It’s an energy channel. Not hard bone but flowing. Thank you for the lightness of being.
— Jeanette Farrier

I came across NSA thinking I had something in my body that I needed to fix, but soon realised that NSA was going to fix areas that I had chosen to live with in discomfort.
Over time, I have found my body readjusting to feeling softness again in areas that were hard and gaining strength in weak areas.
The attention to body, mind and emotions provides a fully holistic approach to healing and I cannot recommend this highly enough.
— Wendy Buttery

You hear about these things and you think ‘Really?!’ You don’t have to understand it all, Just embrace it. I still don’t understand it but I love it!- It works it really works!!
— Alistaire

I came to Youunlimited with a problem i have had in my back that I have had for many years, after just two sessions, it has gone completely. I am amazed as I have had many sessions from chiropractors and massage therapists.
It has also worked on a deeper level with issues and insecurities that have also been released. I strongly recommend this treatment to anyone thinking of it.
— Lesley