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What is a Clear Day?
A Clear Day is an intimate gathering where even greater depths and possibilities of NSA are achieved. This is an intensive day, focused on you and promoting breakthroughs, insights and personal growth that could otherwise take months to attain.

Who are Clear Days for?
Clear Days are for people who have some experience with NSA, and who are now looking to progress and reorganise to a new level.

What happens on a Clear Day?
The Clear Day will comprise  NSA entrainments,  along with multiple stages of SRI and coaching included.

We will provide lunch and refreshments.

Why should I attend a Clear Day?
There are many benefits to this transformative day. You can look forward to:-
    •    Discovering your own resources
    •    Developing more effective strategies that will stay with you for the rest of your life
    •    Opening the door to new possibilities and perspectives
    •    Experiencing the power of a group in synchronicity

How do I book a Clear Day


Testimonials for Clear Days

Just want to let you know what a fantastic day I had at the Clear Day yesterday. Also I'd like to share the 'aha' moment that came to me so clearly. Yesterday I could hardly speak about it without being overwhelmed and puzzled at the same time.
First session you let me feel the right spinal side of my body. I was very conscious of it. It opened up like an open free airy space. Loved it.
Second session I started to be a bit nauseous until this open space literally asked me what I wanted it to be. Without thinking I answered 'Water!' And there it started to liquidize, flowing back and forth. Mind blowing!! But it was not the flowing feeling that moved me so. It was the openness itself that offered me the mere POSSIBILITY to choose every time to be what I want it to be. Easy and happy, just like that: choose!! I realize now why I chose water so eagerly.......probably the opposite from the rigid closed right shoulder.
Third session was like my own soul radiating like the sun itself, more present than ever. Everything like it is supposed to be, there and then, no wishes left outside myself. I must say that I felt a little in love with myself hahaha! For a brief moment I thought that heaven must look like that. All of us in a garden, so connected yet free.
Joan Neyndorff