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Natural Evolution

Benefits of NSA

At a more micro level, people feel increases in energy, confidence,  sense of humor, ability to adapt and deal with stress, flexibility, quality of sleep, healing time. Further more less pain, illness and flu and cold symptoms, to name a few. Physical conditions from migraine and gastro intestinal problems to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can reach resolution.

It is important to underline that whilst NSA can enable a body to process any number of physical, mental, emotional and chemical stresses, that there does not have to be anything ‘wrong’ with a person to benefit from NSA. Many people start or continue receiving NSA adjustments because they value feeling clear and at their own personal best. Or simply love feeling their body and mind feels lighter and refreshed or their sense of humor restored.

NSA allows individuals to fulfil huge potential within their lives and enables them to evolve in an ever changing world. NSA gives people the opportunity to maximise what it is they are seeking and get the most experience, connection and pleasure out of life.

Benefits of NSA

Most of us are looking to improve some part of our lives. You may be experiencing one or more of the parts shown below: 


  • You don't have pain but you want keep your body open, fluid, flexible and strong
  • You have noticed pain recently in some part of your body 
  • You have been dealing with chronic, recurring pain for years
  • You don not have physical pain but you feel under a lot of stress or pressure, and your body and mind are overworked and/or overwhelmed


  • You want your body and mind that are at peak performance
  • You dont have massive stress in your life right now but would like to feel at your optimum at home, with the children or at work. 
  • You already feel ok but want to deepen and enhance your experience to feel even better
  • You are feeling depressed, unfulfilled or simply not happy with some aspect of your life


  • You want your child to flourish
  • You want your child to feel part of his or her school or group not just fitting in
  • Your child seems uncomfortable about something and you want then to be at ease with their life 
  • You are worried about your childs physical, emotional or mental health, school performance, ADHD, etc.


    • You have some great relationships and you want them to be even better
    • You are really happy with most parts of your relationship but would love to see more connection in some areas
    • You are troubled about a relationship and  don’t feel able to relate to them
    • You are frequently frustrated and/or angry with a loved one etc...


    Some people enjoy getting adjusted just to get perspective and process their week, family visits, airplane and car journeys and business events etc... Or some just simply to feel clear and fresh for decision making or social engagements. Indeed many of us have new exciting things happening in our lives that we just need to acclimatize to and develop so we can really enjoy our new experiences. For example new school, new job, new baby, new country, new relationship, getting married or retirement plans. For each person the adjustment is a unique and personal journey.  Your choice is unlimited.